Balikbayan box



Balikbayan Box Economy Rates in Springfield Missouri

Shipping  Size Price
Large box 28x18x17
Jumbo box 24x18x24 $100
  • $10 per new box 
  • We accept competitors box
  • We accept credit card with 3% fee
  • NO pregnant, bulging or oversize box 
  • Please call ahead of time to schedule a pick up of your box.
  • Shipping price varies from different agent locations and may change without prior notice.


Become a Balikbayan box Agent

  • Must have a driver's license
  • Must be legal citizen or green card holder
  • No criminal records
For interested please call us at 417-368-0219 or email us at 


    Agent Locations

    • Springfield Missouri 
      • Call or text   (417) 368-0219
      • Email:
    • St Charles/ St Louis Missouri 
      • Call or text   (314) 773-9465
      • Email:
      • Oklahoma
        • Call or Text  (405) 388-8321
        • Email:
      • Columbia/ Fulton Missouri

            How to ship a package

            Step 1: Drop-off to our location or give us a call to schedule an appointment for pick-up.

            Step 2: We get your package and payment.

            Step 3: We give you the receipt with a tracking number.

            Step 4: We ship your package.


            Prohibited items

            • Firearms
            • Ammunitions
            • Dynamite gunpowder
            • Weapons of war 
            • Other explosives and parts
            • Prohibited drugs
            • Pornographic materials
            • Gambling materials/apparatus
            • Goods in commercial quantity
            • Goods value must not exceed USD 500.00
            • Parts of motor vehicles
            • Contains or advocate treason, or rebellion, insurrection, sedition or subversion against the government of the Philippines.
            • Contains any threat to take the life of, or inflict bodily harm upon any person in the Philippines.
            • Written or printed articles, negatives or cinematographic film, photographs, engravings, lithographs, objects, paintings, drawing or other representations of an obscene or immoral character.
            • Articles, instruments, drugs and substances designed, intended or adapted for producing unlawful abortion, or any printed matter which advertises or describes or gives directly or indirectly information where, how and by whom unlawful abortion is produced. 
            For more information about Balikbayan box rules and regulation please visit or contact Philippines Bureau of Customs


            Below are possible reason of delay/ non-deliverable Balikbayan boxes:

            • Unforeseen circumstances and/or natural calamity like typhoon that sets back the arrival of cargo carrying vessels;
            • Pandemic
            • Consolidated shipments are tainted by: Undeclared and/or misdeclared goods
            • Banned or regulated cargoes 
            • Consolidated shipments that are abandoned by the Philippine agent/ representative/ broker for reasons of non-remittance of funds by the foreign freight forwarding entity/ consolidator.